General Information

The first time I saw the game was in 1998, when there were no large-scale football betting companies in Asia, and all the Earth bookmakers were agents of large European betting companies (such as William Hill), and the game was European odds of winning and losing. 1998 around the World Cup in France was the largest and most fancy football DU boom ever, and Macau betting companies seized the opportunity. The flexibility of their handicap system (commonly known as the handicap) has not only fully driven the revival of underground DU gaming, but has also established Macau Gaming’s position as an ally in the Asian ball market.

For us punters, the Asian handicap has a high reference value for football, and is an important tool for us to improve the accuracy of our predictions. Therefore, we intend to strengthen the research of handicap analysis together with the majority of players. However, there are some terms involved in handicap analysis that many players do not understand, so we will explain the basic knowledge and terminology of handicaps here. The handicaps mentioned in this article are all handicaps issued by Macau betting companies unless otherwise stated.

Principle of operation

We often refer to handicaps as the basic principle of handicap betting. It is the difference between the strength of the two sides according to a certain calculation, the stronger side let the weaker side a certain number of goals, in order to achieve the relative balance between the two sides, or by way of handicap to achieve the purpose of narrowing the strength of the opposing sides. Usually the stronger team, or the team with home field advantage, gives up a goal to the other team, usually allowing two goals at most. When the two sides are equal, a tie will occur. The handicap is called the upper handicap and the handicapped handicap is called the lower handicap.

The Asian handicap is similar to the European odds in terms of reference value. There are various rumors about the relationship between the European odds and the Asian handicap, and the more widespread one is that the Asian handicap was initially opened based on the conversion of the European odds, and some people made a comparison table of the European odds and the Asian handicap after a period of statistical comparison. Although such claims are not based on evidence and are not recognized by Asian bookmakers such as the Australian lottery, “Eurasia comparison” is one of the most widely used and effective methods in football betting.

To make it more difficult to guess, the handicap format is also divided into single (single ticket) and double (set ticket). Single is a game in which one of the teams has a handicap, such as “-1”, while double is a game in which one of the teams has two handicaps, such as “-0.5/1”, and the amount of the double bet is divided into two The amount of money is divided into two, with half of the bet being placed on the handicap of -0.5 and the other half being placed on the handicap of -1. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to guess the outcome of the game.

This way of handicap also has odds, commonly known as water. Generally it two sides combined for 1.85 (excluding the principal), under normal circumstances, one direction at least 0.80, the other direction will be 1.05, while 60% to 70% of the water in the 0.90 or less. The betting company is profitable in the way of “pumping”, theoretically pumping 7.5%, while the actual percentage is greater than this.

In the early years, the sum of the water level of the Asian handicap had been 1.60, on the one hand, because the game often appear fake ball, on the other hand, the bookmakers are mostly underground black bankers. In the case of the Australian lottery (excluding the principal), the water opened for Serie A is 1.88, the English Premier League is 1.90, La Liga is 1.90, Bundesliga is 1.90 and Ligue 1 is 1.875, which means that the Australian lottery draw Billy has dropped to 5% to 6.25%.

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