British Trader: Why do odds change in real time?

Football Betting Odds – begin in Europe
That’s why we also commonly call it Euro. It is defined as a scientific and objective prediction of the outcome of an athletic or contest after quantifying the numbers, and it is a mathematical form that scientifically and objectively reflects the outcome of the athletic or contest. Of course, times are changing and there are endless items that can be guessed, such as the next president of the United States, the upcoming birth of a baby boy or a baby girl to the Princess of England, and so on, all of which can be expressed by the odds.

Of course this is far from enough, because the odds have been hung on the market by the dealer to sell, then it becomes a commodity, and the mission of the commodity has and only one: profit. Take a step back, at least do not let the company does not lose money, short-term money loss does not matter, but a long-term money-losing commodities certainly will not exist for a long time.

Football Betting OddsPopular Psychology
As we all know, the odds offered by the bookies are mostly based on the psychological betting direction of the bettors, and only reflect the bookies’ judgment on the outcome of the game in subtle ways. The idealized equilibrium odds, based on the public’s psychological betting tendencies and the betting company’s analysis and judgment of the game, are the odds we see in the market. The majority of the betting tendencies of the bettors and the results of the analysis of the betting company contradict, the group of odds become cloaked in scientific, objective probability, and nakedly exercised for the betting company profit goods.

The actual price of a person’s goods is a lot more than the price of the goods. This is the purpose of the change, but the trigger for the change is intricate, may be a sudden event, but also may be a combination of various factors inside and outside the team.

Football Betting OddsMaximizing profits
If you deliberately put yourself in a betting situation with the players in order to maximize profits and risk being exploited by some water fighters in the market, then it is often more than worth the loss. Therefore, any change in its odds, even a 0.01 adjustment, is bound to be within its risk control and to serve its own profit or reduce payout.

With the exception of cup matches, usually the big bookmakers can offer odds on the next round of matches as soon as a round is played in the league. But there is a considerable period of time between the initial odds and the start of the match, during which too many things can happen to influence the outcome of the match. For example, in the ongoing Copa America, Brazil played Venezuela in the last match of the group stage, and the initial odds at William Hill were only 1.20. But as soon as the news broke that captain Neymar had been suspended for four games and was out for the Copa America, William Hill responded with odds: Brazil’s home win index rose from 1.20 all the way to a high of 1.60, and after falling back to adjust, it now stands at After a drop, it now stands at 1.62. Likewise, the underdog Venezuela’s odds to win dropped from an almost impossible 10 to 6x odds that give bettors unlimited room to imagine. This is because the bookies know too well the psychological expectations of the bettors, after all, the 1-7 defeat by Germany last year in the absence of Neymar is still fresh in their minds.

As to whether, indeed, Brazil’s objective and real odds of beating Venezuela are lower, or that much lower, because of the absence of Neymar: the bookies won’t tell you. But in the eyes of professional bettors, Brazil’s 1.20 win over Venezuela is clearly not an odds worth betting on. But when that price goes up to 1.60, that 1.60 price is the best value as long as he is firm that Brazil will not be affected by Neymar’s absence and will still win. But the question arises, will the bookmaker be so stupid as to give you an extra 0.4 payout? The majority of ordinary speculators will still be lured to a draw or even an away win, enough to make up for the extra 0.4 spent.

So what if there are enough such professionals and their betting volume is large enough? Don’t worry at all, the bookmakers will make their usual tactics and adjust the odds once again, lowering the main win to 1.55, 1.50 or even 1.45, so that the acceptance will be focused on the new balance, whether Brazil can finally beat Venezuela or not, it will not affect the bookmakers to extract water money.

The change of odds is a signal, a trap, and an opportunity for ordinary players, whether you step on a mine, pick up a sesame seed or pick up a golden treasure is inseparable from our usual efforts.

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