How betting companies profit from handicapping

The bookmakers will analyze the Asian market based on the European odds and calculate their profit and loss floor, and finally develop a handicap and discount that is in their own interest and offer it to the public to place their bets. So, how do the bookies make their profits? What are the ways in which they make a profit? The most basic source of income for a betting company is the commission they receive from the winning side of the bet, commonly known as “water money”.

The more standardized betting companies generally try to avoid their own direct to the public players to bet, for them safer and more secure mode of operation is to provide a betting platform for many bettors, that is, buy the upper and lower plate between the betting, and the betting company just play a middleman or exchange role. The actual fact is that it is not so simple, otherwise there will not be so much hot and cold betting events appear. The reality is that a lot of the strength of the focus of the game a party will be the majority of bettors sought after, so the amount of bets on the upper and lower plate is difficult to achieve balance, so it has been transformed into a direct game of betting companies and players, this situation will increase the risk of betting companies, high risk along with high profits, once the betting company to win, its return is unlimited. As in the case of China’s 3-0 cold win over South Korea, the Macau lottery has almost pocketed the money of players from all over Asia.

As a commercial organization, betting companies naturally aim to maximize profits, so they will invest a lot of financial and human resources in analyzing and researching the matches, and can indeed grasp more real insider knowledge of the matches than the general public or even the media, including team status, venue conditions, weather conditions, appearance lists, etc., thus estimating the closest results (for some clubs with less financial resources may even be bribed to create the results ), although there are many unexpected factors, but their prediction accuracy rate is certainly higher than the ordinary people, there is no doubt about it. This brings us to a few handicapping concepts, namely “power handicapping”, “compelling handicapping” and “shooting handicapping”.

Football Betting Odds – What is a power handicapping?
The name implies that the handicap is based on the strength of the two teams involved. The company found that the total amount of two bets has been balanced, then generally will not easily make a new adjustment. When the bookies find that the betting volume is still in a state of imbalance, they will continue to adjust the handicap and water level until the total balance is reached. For example, Lazio 0.90 draw/hemisphere 0.96 Genoa, when the Australian lottery opened this handicap, after the start of betting a lot of money to Lazio, while the chips to the away team are few, so the Australian lottery will raise the home team handicap to hemisphere 1.06 water level, so some bettors will feel that Lazio can not afford to let the hemisphere, so they have turned their money to the away team, so the banker is likely to achieve the purpose of The purpose of balancing the money is likely to be achieved. If the balance is not achieved, the banker will even make a more extreme move and lower the home team to a tie until the goal is achieved. In the end, the upper and lower handicaps are balanced and the banker has achieved the goal of earning a steady commission.

Football Betting Odds – What is a compelling handicapping?
The compulsive handicap, also known as the “psychological handicap”, is a handicap in which the banker has a preference for the outcome of the game, in order to maximize their own interests, and its manipulation strategy is the opposite of the previous strength handicap, which is to make the betting imbalance through a special manipulation, that is, to lead the bettor’s money to the wrong side. The compulsion plate is a direct match between the dealer and the player and the psychological warfare, so it is also called a psychological plate. In order to make bettors put their money on the opposite side, the more common technique used by bookmakers is through the change of handicap and water level to complete. The most recent Chelsea (microblogging data) home game against Manchester City (microblogging data) is illustrated by the initial market of Chelsea 1.08 high water one ball/goal and a half, after the betting started the betting volume of the home team began to soar until the critical stage of the home team betting ratio has reached 86%, the amount of home team transactions on the BHP exchange alone is as much as 20 million Hong Kong dollars, in such a huge amount of transactions The Australian lottery top discount has been stable in the high water range, only in the afternoon of the same day in the middle of the stage of the water level only slightly down, but still hovering in the more attractive medium water range, before the closure of the upper plate water level fixed at 0.99 water, although there is a downward adjustment but compared to the initial plate of 1.08 water decline is not large, and finally Manchester City burst out cold, away 4-2 victory. Obviously, the bookmakers already have a plan for this game, Chelsea home only let a ball / ball and a half even if the bettors are optimistic about Manchester City will not dare to venture to, and the high water of the upper plate will certainly make some players have illusions about Chelsea. The banker is setting up this psychological maze to pull the bettors’ funds to the upper plate, making the funds into the side they are not optimistic about, giving the players a good investment trap to jump into.

Football Betting Odds – What is a shooting handicapping?
Is there really a “hot market”? The so-called “shoots” in the real estate industry can be understood as both cheap and comfortable and beautiful good property, in soccer betting refers to those handicaps opened very shallow, the discount return and ideal handicap. The so-called “shoots” are very difficult to define the ghostly handicap between the “strength handicap” and the “compulsion handicap”, so many people are also called ” ghost handicap “. Ghost board”. Players such as the correct judgment, investment returns such as the growth of bamboo shoots, judgment error, “shoot plate” has become a “loss plate” to make people lose money. I can clearly tell you that there is no such thing as a bargain. In fact, the concept of a “shooter” is nothing more than a misunderstanding of the player’s psychological plate that has been judged correctly. For example, Manchester United (microblogging data) visiting only let the strength of the very weak Hull City handicap or high water bets, the final or strong team to win the ball to win the plate, this handicap case has become a lot of people happy with the cheap plate. In fact, the reason why the banker so open plate, and three days later Manchester United and Barcelona (microblogging data) final battle of the Champions League (microblogging topic), Manchester United can be fully to fight the league, the banker with the speculation of the subject. There will be a detailed analysis of this game in the double-header handicap later in the book. The conclusion of the analysis is to position this game in terms of psychological handicap. If you really want to give a name to this kind of cheap handicap, I think it would be more appropriate to call the “shooting handicap” a “ghost handicap”.

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