Football Betting Strategies

Strength and weakness

This point I believe we will not have doubts, choose the first finger as the basis for judgment, I mainly through the principle of contrast to identify the strength and weakness of the first finger and true or false, firstly, through the vertical contrast with the cross index, and secondly, through the horizontal contrast with the same recent games, through the contrast will find the first finger has strong and weak, down to find out the reasons for the strong and weak, strong is credible? Is it reasonable to be weak? Is a strong or weak opening in favor of the institution? Finding these answers will help to improve the interpretation of the first index, but in the end, we still need to adhere to a selection principle, that is, we should always believe in the strong side of the favorable or weak side of the unfavorable, do not waver between the two attitudes, which will consume the benefits of the comparison.

Major games

The index changes in the latter period are mainly influenced by the market, and the factors affecting the market include the team’s own enthusiasm, the degree of focus of the game and the amount of resources for the same period of time, etc. The institutions will adjust the index according to the market trend and their own interests, and the adjustment actions are of course both true and false. On the whole, when the resources of the tournament are small or very popular, and the funds are relatively concentrated, the credibility of the index adjustment is not high, because this is the time when the institutions and the market are playing a big game, and the element of foolishness is very high.

I believe that we all know the Asian league, the Japanese, the Australian Premier League and Japanese B, as well as some of the major games alone index changes generally have a large element of fakery, the five major league tournaments are concentrated in the opening hours of the tournament, index changes or relatively real and credible, I think that at the same time the number of games on the English Premier League, Serie A and Bundesliga overall more reliable, La Liga is a relay schedule, index changes by the end of the tournament more influential, Ligue 1 less attention. I think the English Premier League, Italian Serie A and German Bundesliga are more reliable overall.

Different opinions

You may have different opinions on this point, but in fact, each league has its own league characteristics due to its different culture, environment, style, team strength gap and benefit distribution mechanism. The initial indices are also developed by institutions taking into account the characteristics of each league, resulting in different definitions of deep or shallow indices in different leagues, and naturally the probability of getting the same index in different leagues will also vary. For example, Serie A has a relatively high 0.75 goals index win rate, while Ligue 1 has a relatively low index win rate, and La Liga has a relatively low 0.5 goals index win rate, while Ligue 1 has a relatively high index win rate.

In addition, there are certain interests between the teams in each league, which is what we usually call team factions, and this phenomenon is especially clear in La Liga, which can be basically divided into Real Madrid and Barcelona. The same strengths will generally be the opponents, the possibility of a draw will be greater. In fact, you can find some clues from the head-to-head record, more or less, the draws must have a very general relationship, the 3-point courtesy of the past must be relatively friendly, and the one-sided record of both allies and rivalries, depending on the team. The actual relationship between the opposing teams and the actual demand for points will help to identify the team’s wariness, which will be very helpful in judging the outcome of the match and even in capturing the cold.

As we all know, the draw is a high prize option and also a risk point for institutions, which will always try to cover it up or even mislead players to give up the draw option, so the overall adjustment action of institutions for the draw is on the false side. The other important criterion is of course the head-to-head record of the teams and the actual demand for points, in short, a better exclusion of draws is good for improving the overall win rate.

This season, La Liga has been turned upside down, basically, the hit rate of choosing a handicapped team with your eyes closed is at least over 60%, and the difficulty is very low, if you try to choose a handicapped team, not only is it extremely difficult, but the hit rate is definitely very low. Choose more prosperous teams, less bad ghosts, prefer to choose the red to make people afraid to want, not to choose the black to make people very want.

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Winning Philosophy

If we bet with the idea of losing, then all our efforts are bound to end in failure. In other words, if you want to be successful in winning bets, you need to have some way of thinking that will allow you to win. The old way of playing is often based on inaccurate analysis and irrational decisions. Any method used to play is a subjective view of the individual, not an objective one. Therefore, to win the game first of all, you have to have an opinion, to learn and master the advanced prediction method, to choose a professional referral company, as a reference indicator, the most important is the correct way of thinking and their own confidence in themselves! In addition to their own observation and analysis, to do more statistics, but also to judge the plate and anti-trap, dare to contradict the norm, the more dangerous the plate should not be afraid, the hotter the more should be avoided, to boldness rather than emotion, the best to turn themselves into robot thinking! This is the summation of the experience of the famous European analysts, can also be said to be the most famous words! Only in this way can we continue to improve, in order not to be so many contradictions? Only in this way can we continue to improve and not be contradicted by many? All of you who play football will have this feeling: the game will always have a sometimes good storm, sometimes a bad storm, and you will remember that you will always win small and lose big – and win small and lose big.

Self-management of betting

While people bet the way they do, betting can cause problems for themselves or others.
So here are some things to keep in mind when betting!

# Betting is just a form of entertainment and should not be seen as a way to make money
# Avoid the idea of winning back the money you lost
# Only bet what you can afford
# Always remember to spend your time and money on betting

Good mentality is most important, sports gaming is a high-IQ, high-risk game, in the high profits of the temptation to stimulate, it is very easy for the authorities to get lost, lose their senses, and the money is often lost in this point, we need to understand that losing and winning are very normal things, the cycle of victory and defeat, week after week, today’s victory and defeat has been determined, and how to know who will die in the future? Do not be confused by this, victory is not proud, defeat is not soiree is a mature player mentality, but also the common denominator of countless successful people in the past and present.

The control of funds, preferably within your tolerance, so that you will not have the pressure of overload leads to errors in judgment, conducive to maintaining a good state of mind, the number of bets to do as little as possible and fine, can not have the illusion of overnight riches and bewildered bets, to have the idea of playing a protracted war, the end of the year have to play, the proverbial goodď˝›leave the green hills in fear of no material to burn} often want to get rich overnight people are usually deadly overnight! ! Remember to remember!

Stand on the right side, distinguish between the boundaries of the marketplace and the leisure, the majority of the hot death, with the public as the enemy of life these reasons believe that we all understand, to know that you are in a competition with the high salary of the smart people of the company, they do not do anything all day, is based on the first-class equipment and first-hand information to study and develop the market, you want to do their allies or want to do their opponents it! As for how to do the dance with the banker, it also depends on how good each person is.

You should be good at summing up the experience of winning and losing on European and Asian markets, trying to find out the rules, after a long time of continuous refinement, it will bring you confidence and judgment, not to be a cloud, wavering, as for the method I believe there are many, it is up to you to train!

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