The Overall Basis of the Handicap is The Team’s Fundamentals

If you want to have a deeper understanding of handicapping, pre-match analysis is important, but post-match replay is more important, which is more important for experienced players. I personally believe that the overall basis of analyzing handicap is the fundamentals of the team, and the basis of receiving bets on handicap and discount is the knowledge and psychology of the fundamentals by media experts and punters, while the highest level of analyzing handicap is to understand the thinking and psychology of the handicapper behind the whole process of the game from the initial handicap to the closed handicap, including the going rate, which is very, very difficult.

Football Betting StrategiesInitial Order
It is the market maker’s opinion that the most reasonable market at that moment is based on the strength of both teams. This plate is not subject to betting, the degree of truth is very high, the initial plate opened early most of the overall pattern of the game is difficult to have a big change is more accurate, if the team’s strength in all aspects of the contrast with the passage of time to change the initial plate can only be used as a reference, if some games there are greasy and there is the possibility of being rendered by the media that the initial plate is often not the real strength of the two teams of the plate or water level, there are several possibilities is the bookmaker on the The first game of the game is not a comprehensive collection of information on all aspects of the game is initially wrong or even the exact opposite of this point requires special attention Zhuang is not a god, in is Zhuang certainty of the game already know or 89 not far from 10 games Zhuang often will not simply meet the gains of the discount will use deep open shallow open and other ways to disrupt the thinking, and Zhuang on some games to grasp the difficulty or the game If the risk of betting is very high, often postpone the opening of the initial order or do not open the initial order at all or even not open the betting order. Relatively speaking, the pure strength of the team reflected in the initial market is still a relatively high degree of truthfulness is very meaningful to learn from, especially the two representative companies of Macau and Libor. I think the analysis of the market without looking at the initial market is a market illiteracy. The status of the initial order is very important.

Football Betting StrategiesAccepted bets
I am accustomed to call it a bet on initial bets, especially when the bet on initial bets has a forward-looking meaning of “the success or failure of a bet is here”. The company’s informants or eyes and ears are also very good, at this time the game team’s strength information grasp more on the game media and retailer’s various views and psychology has touched a 89 not far from 10, on the one hand, the game on the other hand, the retailer when the conditions are ripe for the betting plate will be unveiled and willing to take the bait. The initial bet is actually not a pure reflection of the team’s strength, and the initial bet will often occur very large gap although the team’s strength is often basically unchanged, because Zhuang’s trend of the game’s handicap level has a greater grasp of the amount and psychology of the bets placed on buyers from start to finish. This initial betting is based on the strength of the team and includes several factors.

For the overall layout of the game, for the initial attitude and psychology of buyers, and to pave the way for possible major changes in the strengths of both teams, and most importantly, the question of how much money the bookmaker probably wants to take for the game! The first thing that the banker will do is to analyze all the games today to see which ones are open or late, how the overall layout of each league game at each point in time, and then refine the overall idea of each game to come up with a general range of total revenue for the night. The biggest drawback of watching the market is to look at the dead market to see the slice of the market, each ball from the initial to the closed market is a complete and inseparable whole so solving the market is very tiring, some games are generally not focus games bets are not particularly The banker will occasionally sell the ball so that you continue to be trapped and difficult to extricate themselves, there are special cases is the competition between bookmakers in order to consider the customer resources sometimes through shallow open deep open raise the water level simple manipulation ideas and other kinds of hair pulling competition for customer resources especially some small companies in the beginning of the expansion stage and major tournament huge amount of bets. The initial bets are usually opened a few days before the start of the match depending on the ability of the tournament manager to grasp the situation. The bets can be divided into several stages between the initial bet and the closing bet. (For the sake of convenience and visual presentation, some of the terminology used is more folkloric, please note)

I divide the betting tray into four stages: (to Sunday night at 9:00 pm start of a Serie A, for example) betting on the initial order of different companies different games are generally opened on week 4 or week 5 or even earlier, betting on the initial order to open that moment to the stage between Sunday for the warm-up stage, this time the amount of betting is poor most of the changes in the handicap and the discount for the strength of the team combined with the views of the retailer and may be bet on the upper and lower orders The majority of the changes in the handicap and discount are made by the team’s strength combined with the retailer’s view and the proportion of the possible bets on the upper and lower markets, individually misleading or wrong Zhuang’s view of the game, of which the change in team strength accounts for the largest proportion, from Sunday morning to 45 o’clock in the evening betting stage this stage of the retailer generally has an overall grasp and view of the game to be bet on that day through the media and other means, some of the retailer sporadically buy the upper and lower markets during this time, senior players, especially large customers unless the grasp of the game The more you are worried about the rise and fall of the plate or water level leading to his profit may be reduced or even go to the plate of no profit to be gained first, so that the bet is not necessarily the later the better, the strike when the strike can not hesitate, this time the plate and water changes are mostly changes in the strength of the team, the magnitude and frequency of change is slightly larger, after all, the closer the time from the start of the game the more accurate the banker’s grasp of all aspects of the team’s information on the The more accurate the bookmaker’s grasp of all aspects of the team’s information, the more understanding of the retailer.

From 5:00 to about 7:00. If most games start at 9:00, the bets placed two hours before the start of the game often account for more than 80% of the total bets placed. The Asian habit of life is to start to study and analyze the game after eating at 45 o’clock, strictly in the sense of starting to buy lottery, at this time the flood is unstoppable like a snowball rolling bigger and bigger with time, at this time the changes in the handicap and water level start to be quite frequent and repetitive, occasionally there are changes in the lifting and lowering of the handicap. Most of the changes in handicap and water at this time are twofold: the amount of money bet on the top and bottom of the retailer and the changes in the strength of the team at this time, other things like inducing deliberate changes are individual games.

7:00-8:30 is the first peak, the flood came, at this time the changes in the plate bets accounted for the bulk of the team’s strength does not appear big shocks in the game will be submerged in the flood, the bank’s main focus is to balance the funds, if the bank already knows the outcome of the game or a great deal of certainty, the plate and discount will be appropriately shallow or deep open to capture the excess profit beyond the discount, at this time will generally appear in the retailer’s bets This is the time to buy the opposite side of the football betting, which also has the saying that the big hit is dead, and many cold doors are born, but only in this case. If the bank is only sure about the general direction of the game (home team is not defeated, away team is not defeated, etc.) basically to balance the water level to charge the appropriate discount difference to profit, at this time the game is betting to buy the lottery is mostly double selection, single selection depends on your luck, so buy the lottery has a luck, especially the small single is indeed so. This

This is the first time that I’ve ever seen a person who has been in the business for a long time. This is also a lot of positive road and we chose the reason for the cold, there are two sides to everything, to analyze the specific situation is which. If the bank’s grasp of the game is not enough or even completely wrong and contrary, the retailer’s bets due to the different games will appear in a thousand different patterns of white flowers, different spinach companies have different customer resources, different strengths and weaknesses of different handlers and different ideas that lead to different companies to the same game of the degree of knowledge and views of different companies, resulting in different companies’ handicaps often appear more or less different Some people say that which or several companies have different changes think that the results they think is wrong, even if each company’s views at this time are different the results of the game may be exactly the same, that is the reason, to find the root cause, at this time the big hit or balance of funds or anyway, the results of the game is difficult to predict, spinach companies have much more information than we have and it is difficult to draw a conclusion, let alone We know this?

This is the time when people with money start to buy lottery all-inclusive, some double-selected poor little lottery players still have to single-select, and at this time of the game it is easy to have some blind spots and wear through clothed, but it is very difficult to form a big cold what you buy is generally a small cold or blind spot. 8:30 to 9:00 in the betting stage I call it the crazy stage, many retailer have lost their minds, at this time the big retailer entered one after another, the list of players on the field public The information of the team is spread to the maximum, at this time the spinach company relies on information asymmetry to earn money capital is much weakened, at the same time in order to reduce the risk of loss, to resist the impact of the large amount of retailer, the banker balance funds quite fast and frequent, the corresponding water level and plate often appear violent shocks and reversals, the changes at this time is mainly the role of three aspects of the amount of bets on the team Strength of the change and the intentional adjustment of the bookmaker, really distinguish the specific is not the team strength change only one way. (Sorry, I can’t say anything about this. Please forgive me, you need to figure it out yourself. If someone says you can never progress, you must figure it out yourself.

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