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The company is generally divided into three categories, Macau is a unique type of manipulation is the most rich and wonderful, often not according to common sense is bizarre.

The most simple way to do this is to lower the price of a hot door and raise the price of a cold door. It is objective and the rest of the companies such as South East Asia.

The company’s location is different in size, such as Crown. The actual handicap manipulation is much the same. The actual fact is that the actual company has a lot of people who are not as good as the actual company. There are objective but not dull of LIBOR. Let’s compare and contrast with Macau to appreciate their characteristics. (For the sake of convenience here, I will use *International as an example).

Cold retreats are more counter-inducing. The biggest difference between this kind of back market and Macau is that in the peak of the betting market changes less, to * for example. The * handicap is generally adjusted more on the water level even if it is given super high water is not easy to withdraw. Macau, on the other hand, chooses to change its handicap and rarely gives a side a high level of water. But in reality, if * chooses to back off in a bet, it means that the bookmaker already has a bottom in mind for the game, and if the backing side can keep the water low, the chances of winning are very high. Let’s look at some specific examples.

Sevilla 1.05 1/2-1 Malaga 0.80

Sevilla’s strength is undoubtedly much higher, but the recent form is not good after the winter break two defeats. The home record is 4 wins, 3 draws and 1 loss, and Malaga has only one win in the last six games. 2 wins, 2 draws and 4 losses on the road. The European odds are basically 1.66. Theoretically, the market can be opened at half a medium level, and the Macau initial market has been giving the upper market full water after opening at half a medium level. It is very conventional to make a player to boast about the upper market and not see where the confidence lies to boast about the lower market and worry about the difference in strength. But the most critical psychological factor of this plate is the past performance. The Macau recommendation states that the home team actually did not win the last 8 games against the opponent. See here I suddenly feel that the upper high water has a show. But this is also the place where the Macau market is difficult to see. As the top is not in a strong betting position. Macau is certainly from the initial medium water to high water. You can understand that the top gives high water to stop the top betting but if Macau rules do not look at the top to give the bottom low water is also possible. But then I saw that the * handicap I think the upper hand is basically the focus. Macau has been giving half a full water does not move. *The initial has been half a high water but in the clinical two hours will be retreated half a low water. As this retreat is relatively late obviously the most likely to be caused by the bet, and half a high water players are difficult to go on the plate more * If the intention is to tempt on. There is no reason why Macau should be willing to insist on a half a closing down. *It is always better not to look at a party rather than to give super high water than to return the plate. Therefore, combining the characteristics of the two companies, the view at the time was that * must not be tempting to go up. No matter if the underdog is favored or given a low payout on the top, it’s all good for the top. And combined with the theory of Macau’s half one not refunding the hemisphere to make the full board as mentioned in the last issue, Macau’s willingness to give half one is actually a greater confidence in the top at least two wins. The key is to look back on this plate, one, to understand the characteristics of Macau change more and * is tempted to change less thus concluding that Macau is blocking the upper plate two * retreat time late and the upper plate is not hot. This way, if the top is not hot Macau remains unchanged * Retreating the top hits more examples. Friends can summarize their own attention.

The weakness of the ascending order is a strong drive

Anyone with a certain level knows that cold promotions are usually better, but Macau markets often use counter-attractive techniques so that players do not have absolute rules available. This is what makes the Macau handicap so difficult to watch. However, the same * weak promotion is rarely a psychological one. Let’s take a look at this topsy-turvy battle in Serie A.

AC Milan 0.80 to Juventus

Friends should have an impression of this game. At that time, Juve was on top of the league and AC Milan was really dwarfed. Especially the defense is disappointing. In the past, the home team only let a draw in a strong match is easy to become a hot goal to lose. But it depends on the specific situation and the water level. This is an example. As this season AC Milan defense is too poor Juve state is too good. The initial feeling of the player is that AC Milan is more difficult to win. If this is the case with the home advantage, players may still be willing to lean slightly towards the home team, but the most critical part of this plate is that AC Milan lost to Juve at home last year, and players no longer feel assured that the home team will not lose when they see this. The Macau handicap is AC Milan (-0.5). Again, this is a very regular handicap. There is no side that can open a flat half, the flat handicap is basically balanced between the two sides, but this kind of betting volume is relatively large match. Even if you can’t afford to give a flat half to Macau, if you are willing to give a side low water. It is still confident that it will not lose. Otherwise, you have to bear the risk of high compensation (such examples later Chelsea draw low water Arsenal Feyenoord draw low water Eindhoven) so look at the Macau plate I think Milan low water should be the situation of 31.

But then I looked at the * handicap and found that Milan had a very high chance of winning. *The initial is also a low draw. But in the afternoon of the same day, it rose to half-high water, because the home team is not in a strong betting position. The players of the half-board are basically rushing to the bottom. The second is whether to judge the draw to do half a plate settlement, the first negative is the second point. This is because the psychology of football fetting strategies on the home team has lost face then half super high water players no longer feel that the upper half of the maximum loss and go to the upper plate. As for the first point, I rely on past experience * weakness to rise without counter-inducement. So the Southeast Asian company should be judged that Milan has a very high chance of winning, and thus see that Macau is also happy to give low water because it sees that the top of the draw is not hot.

The company’s marketplace is a very important part of the company’s business. The actual intention is to use the understanding of a company’s manipulation characteristics in contrast to the Macau market is definitely a killer.

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