Lessons Learned From Losing

This is a summary of the experience of many soccer veterans over the years, and can also be said to be a lesson in losing! Many friends will have this feeling: the handicap will often appear sometimes downwind wave, sometimes against the wind wave, will also be hazy to remember their often small win big loss such a cyclical pattern, many friends have had such a thing, Saturday obviously has been a big win, Sunday and all back, or even more, early game win, late game and lost, the reason for which can not say what reason, which is actually you have not found – a successful The fixed way of thinking, so that the banker led by the nose.

Football Betting TipsEuropean odds play probability, handicap play psychology
This statement reveals in a profound way the important difference between European odds and Asian handicaps. The three figures in the European odds represent the probability of a win, a draw or a loss, while the Asian handicap relies on the constant changes in the water level and the handicap itself to influence the psychology of the bettor, or to disrupt and shake the bettor’s determination to bet on a certain … side (whether the side seems right or wrong in the end, the banker has to interfere with his thinking, which is the most effective move for the retailer). This is the most effective move for the retailer.)

This is a very obvious psychological weakness. You know, in many cases, in some league or cup games, the probability of winning the lower handicap is much higher than the upper handicap, and although the lower handicap is often a “close win”, it is a win after all. An obvious example is the Euro 2004 and Asian Cup 2004, where the lower handicap was significantly higher than the upper handicap. Teams such as Greece in Euro 2004 and Bahrain and Jordan in Asian Cup are dark horses and almost all of their matches are won, and they are often found in the underdog position, while the strong teams they play, such as France, Czech Republic, Japan and China, all lose.

Football Betting TipsLike to follow the strong teams
Generally speaking, the strongest teams always appear in the upper handicap positions. The reason for this is that the team is a strong team, and many people have a “strong team feeling”, and they will always favor the strong team whenever they are in the league. This is a common phenomenon, encounter this kind of situation how to do?

The most important thing is that you can find the best way to get the most out of your life. This is the so-called “win and lose”. In this way, the bookmakers will make a lot of money on the people who bet on the strong teams. The actual fact is that the actual people who are in a position to get a good deal of money from the company are not only the ones who are in a position to get a good deal of money from the company, but also the ones who are in a position to get a good deal of money from the company. In this way… the player who has lost a lot of money may not even have the voice to cry, but it is true. This is a typical bookmaker’s way of winning money by taking advantage of the “strong team mentality”. Although the problem has to be analyzed on a case-by-case basis, the leaders of the five leagues are indeed the most likely targets for such a move by the bookmakers.

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