Anti-buying, a profitable thinking that only experts know

Football Betting Tips
Ordinary players only know how to follow the single, while the experts know how to counter-buy at the right time

I believe that most of the football players pay attention to a football expert in the market and watch his analysis. If they think the analysis is good, they will follow a bet, and if the analysis is not good, they will give up or take only part of his information and views for their own use. This kind of players I will tentatively categorize as A level, which is already considered a good level; there is a class of players, regardless of the three or seventy-one, brainless with, with the red or compliments or steal a happy, with the black immediately jumped out to curse or even take off. This kind of I tentatively summarized as A – level, this kind of people first no opinion, not good thinking, difficult to progress. The second is not calm and easy to be angry. The two points are the betting taboo; there is also a small group of people who already have a high level of analysis, but still look around for recommendations, not to find a wonderful analysis, invincible golden guts, but to use it as a light, when the time is right to counter-buy. This is the first time I’ve ever seen a person who is a real expert in the field of gambling. Ask yourself, which category do you belong to now?

Football Betting Tips
Anti-buy has a theoretical basis, the vast majority of players are losing money

So, where is the reasoning behind the counter-buy? According to the 55% theory, i.e. in the long run, even the most impressive betting experts have a handicap win rate of no more than 55%, and the vast majority of people are losing money, including the football experts on the market. In other words, if you are on the opposite side of these losing people, you can theoretically make a profit. It’s kind of like, a phenomenon in casinos, spotting the sky lights. Meaning, if you find someone in the casino who has a very bad hand. Buy big out of small, buy small out of big. Then you can buy against him, he bet big you bet small, he bet idle you bet banker, gambling not their own luck but his bad luck. So, to be more precise, it’s not just a matter of seeing people. The actual fact is that you can find a person who is worthy of counter-buying through your own experience, and you can counter-buy at the right time.

Football Betting Tips
What people and when can I counter buy?

This is more of an experience. I wouldn’t be able to say it completely. I’ll say about three situations. Scenario 1: You follow a bunch of experts and have a bunch of friends who play soccer. You find a certain game, the group’s opinion is surprisingly unified, whether it is positive or cold, as long as there is a bizarrely high degree of unity, you can counter-buy. This is a bit of a big fever inversion; situation 2: there is an expert or a football friend who has been black lately, and the black is obviously out of balance and starts buying indiscriminately. You can counter-buy, because he is in bad luck, in committing gambling taboo; situation 3: there is an expert or soccer friend, recently even red, and then obviously began to self-inflated, arrogant words, out of the words is sure to win, pressure property certificate, you can counter-buy. Because, this person is basically state is about to head. So, counter-buying depends on the trend and also the study of psychology.

Football Betting Tips
Don’t have a mass mentality, do the opposite.

Nowadays, many punters like to analyze and predict the outcome of a game based on the ranking and strength of the two teams. Some people also like to analyze the handicap to make bets. In fact, there are advantages and disadvantages to any kind of analysis, so we can’t just consider the problem from one aspect. It’s not only the apparent things, but also the psychology of the public, the psychology of the banker, and also the recent injuries of both teams and the wariness of both sides. The stronger the team, the weaker the team, the more likely it is to be a cold one in the gutter. We can only overcome the psychology of the public and do the opposite. Only then will we win the big prize!

When it comes to draws, the tacit ball is definitely around, we must understand a concept, most of the time the tacit ball is not quite the same as we think, not the kind of pre-match in the dark room, the two sides discussed how to play on the field, but not at all discussed beforehand, but the two sides coincide in viewpoints, resulting in the result looks as if discussed in advance. Note that there is a big difference between the two, the former is called playing fake football illegal, caught to be heavily punished, the latter is completely legal, you are at most a verbal reprimand only.

The most famous one is the 2004 European Cup, where Sweden and Denmark combined to beat Italy. In the last match of the group, Sweden and Denmark had 4 points and Italy 2 points, that is, if Italy took the opponent, colleagues Sweden and Denmark to share a victory, Italy will advance, but Sweden and Denmark if a draw, even if Italy won, will not be able to qualify because of the goal difference in third place. In this situation, Sweden and Denmark played a boring “goal battle” and finally shook hands 2-2 to get out of the tournament.

There are also such tacit draws in the league, for example, at the end of the season, both mid-table teams have been relegated and have no desire, the remaining games can be said to be “garbage time”, it is impossible to make them give 100% effort, but do not want to lose, so it is acceptable to play a draw in which both sides have scored goals, to save face, and the fans have a wonderful time!

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